How much do the prostitutes cost in Santiago de Queretaro?

If someone is willing to see the unique natural beauty of Mexican tropical forests, he´ll go to Acapulco. If his purpose is to visit the carnivals and enjoy all kinds of night fun –the best choice will be Cancun or Mexico City. But if one is after skillful prostitutes, he’s strongly advised to go to Santiago de Queretaro. Because this is the habitat of real intimate industry professionals, who are incredibly good at making a man’s night delightful and unforgettable. Their prices per hour however are lower than those of the same level girls in the Mexican capital, even if a client is aimed at VIP prostitutes from escorts.

The average prices of the local prostitutes
Before getting involved into a much-desired date with a skillful professional it would be wise to have a good look at all the available offers and choose the optimal price category to plan the acceptable sex fun expenses beforehand. A man can choose among the beautiful putas in Queretaro, classified according to the following categories:

  1. Street prostitutes. The easiest-to-get class – these are the girls that look for their clients in the streets and cheap bars. Such sex workers charge men 20-40 dollars per hour of their personal time and offer a traditional intimate minimum consisting of sex in 2-3 positions and some oral caresses for extra pay. Among these inexpensive girlies one can notice some really mature prostitutes who no longer are suitable for work in popular places, as well as putanas whose looks are far from being pretty or whose character is far from being nice. Nevertheless time and again one can run into a young and fresh cutie who is just starting her career in the intimate industry.
  2. The average price category. The beauties in Queretaro priced 80-160 dollars per hour are more frequently met on special intimate service dating sites, where they publish their detailed profiles with sexy photos and lists of their favors. One can also find them at popular tourist complexes, night clubs and hotels, where they work with the permission of the management. Trustworthy, reliable and attractive prostitutes usually belong to this category, they offer a wide range of sex services and are eager to fulfill all the clients’ fantasies with the utmost thoroughness.
  3. VIP prostitutes and escorts. Only the best prostitutes in CDMX are selected for this category. They always have model-type physical parameters, their faces and bodies are well-groomed and they are able to behave properly in whatever surroundings. In Queretaro the VIP girls can be found in several professional escort agencies, as well as on the dating sites in the special deluxe category. The advantage of these professionals is in the diversity of their functions. It’s not only for the quality sex that they can be invited but also for making a good company at various events, parties or walks. Sometimes wealthy men order escort girls for a few weeks to go on vacation abroad being accompanied by a beautiful, intelligent and communicable lady. The price for such VIP services starts at 250 dollars an hour.
    In Queretaro, the majority of the first two categories prostitutes function in or around the historical center of the town where the stream of tourists is the biggest. Call girls can be also found in massage parlors or private clinics – most of the young employees of such places are prepared to provide sexual favors.

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